Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hits, sleepers and a host of visitors from Kimball Union

Among the KUA grads who went to war was
Herbert B. Titus of Chesterfield, N.H. He served
in the 2nd and the 9th New Hampshire regiments,
wrote letters from the front to the Keene Sentinel
and was badly wounded at Antietam. Just after the
war he was promoted to brevet brigadier general.
Students at Kimball Union Academy used the Our War blog in their Civil War studies during the last few weeks. Nothing is more gratifying to me as a historian than to know that my work is reaching rising generations.

Graduates of Kimball Union in Meriden, N.H., played a huge role in New Hampshire’s Civil War history. Many of them have both major and minor roles in my book.As I’ve learned more about these soldiers, I’ve written several blog posts about them. Here, here, herehere and here, you’ll find individual posts about graduates of KUA, and here is a listing of many from the school who served in the war.

The blog now has well over 200 posts. To this month’s lists of entries that have generated the most hits, I’m adding a list of posts I especially like that are not on the most popular lists. As usual, you can click on any title on the lists to go directly to the post. Let’s start with . . .

10 sleepers

Recent hits

This list of the top 10 posts from the last two months includes all three parts of the edited 1861-63 diary of the Exeter, N.H., pastor Elias Nason. I’m not surprised these have been popular. Nason provides a clear window into life on the home-front during the first three years of the war.

All-time Top 25

The biggest change on this list during the last month was the move of the post on Kimball Union Academy’s Civil War history from the 22nd spot to the 12th. Hits on of these posts range from 160 to 539. The number in parentheses is last month’s ranking.

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