Saturday, January 18, 2014

A new year, a new list

The trove of digitized Civil War-era documents continues to grow. It’s amazing what’s out there. Just the other day I found the diary of a preacher from Exeter, N.H. This will be the source of a future blogpost or two. It’s not strong on narrative, but its “Life goes on” quality is special, as the preacher’s faithfulness in chronicling the world around him.

During the last month I began dipping into my own journals for content, including the recent non-Civil War posts on Dave Van Ronk and Amiri Baraka.

Here are the 10 posts written in the last two months that have generated the most hits. And below that are the top 25 all-time.

8. (tie) He was a friend of mine
           Are all wars really the same?
           Remembering Lincoln

The top 25 all-time range in hits from 533 to 145. The numbers in parentheses are last month’s rankings:

13. (tie) History’s touch (16)

             Gallery: Faces of the Fighting Fifth (part one) (11)

              A riddle wrapped up in an enigma (19)

23. (tie) A gruesome death (22)

             One school’s proud Civil War heritage (23t)

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