Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New project and the 300 club

A group of 4th New Hampshire veterans at a reunion at the Weirs on Lake Winnipesaukee
I have begun work on a string of blogposts from the diaries and letters of two Civil War soldiers with both wartime and postwar connections. It's an exciting project because by placing their diaries and letters in chronological order, I can let them tell the story of the first 15 months of the existence of my favorite regiment: the 5th New Hampshire Volunteers.

Meanwhile, I'll post when I can about a range of subjects. Recent posts about World War I have gained wide readership, including one on the list below -- What was Thomas Hardy like? -- based on the observations of two major figures from World War I.

In the past I periodically posted the 25 most popular posts on this blog on the basis of pageviews. This list is slightly different. There are now more than 300 posts, and the pageview count is approaching 80,000. So here are all the posts -- 40 of them -- with more than 300 pageviews. The No. 1 post has had 1,357 pageviews, and the numbers scale down from there.

Thanks so much for your continued readership,

13. A Gettysburg journal (part 3) (10)

39. Richard Ager, storyteller (new to list)

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