Monday, June 16, 2014

Coming soon: The story of Dr. Livingstone's son

The story of the son of David Livingston (“Dr. Livingstone, I presume”) is coming soon to this blog. It turns out the younger Livingstone fought in a New Hampshire regiment under an alias. The next post will most likely include a wonderful letterhead showing a bird’s-eye view of Newport News on the Virginia Peninsula.

That said, the blog is likely to slow down with the advent of the New Hampshire summer.

Here are the 10 entries posted during the last two months that have attracted the most hits. They include three posts from the memoir of Henry S. Hamilton, an English-born horn player who served in the 3rd New Hampshire, two from the recent series on newspapering in Concord, N.H., and two from Sgt. Richard Musgrove’s sad account of 12th New Hampshire at Chancellorsville.

One post on the list – A farmer goes to war, his family bears the brunt – and another more recent one – “Life after death for a good soldier’s intentions” – show from different perspectives the effect of the war on families left behind.

And here are the all-time top 25, with hits ranging from 194 to 993. The post at No. 15 had the fastest rise on the chart during the last month. Also new to the list (tied for 24th) is a post from my journal series from the battlefield at Gettysburg, 

20. History’s touch (18)

              A Gettysburg Journal (4) (new to list)

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