Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Most popular posts

Here is my monthly look at the posts that have generated the most readership.

The Our War blog now has more than 100 posts. I have therefore added a runner-up category and a short list of recent posts that are off to quick starts. Last month's ranking, if any, is in brackets. In parentheses is the number of months a post has been in the top ten.

Thanks again for reading. In books as on blogs, eyes on the page are what matters to the writer. 

1. Farewell, my teacher [1] (2)

5. My friend Chester [3] (5)

6. The Civil War: ‘It was not my fault,’ Buchanan insists [7] (2)

7. Gallery: Faces of the Fighting Fifth (part one) [8] (4)

10. (tie)  History’s touch [10] (3)

               Kennedy gave FDR too much credit, shortchanged Ike [9] (2)

And the next five . . .

12. The soldier’s story behind the love story, Part I

13. The soldier’s story behind the love story, Part II

14. Emails from afar and a happy coincidence

15. A love of music, a way with words

16. A gruesome death

And fast starters (recent posts with above-average page-views):

1. Unpacking the new ‘Gettysburg’

2. July 2, 1863, Rose's woods,Gettysburg: It was 'the greatest blow the old 5th ever got' 

3. The day they died like white men

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