Wednesday, November 28, 2012

At Gibson's Bookstore

I have a reading, discussion and book-signing for Our War tomorrow night (Nov. 29) at Gibson's Bookstore at 27 South Main Street in Concord. Hope to see you there! (For those who don't know it, Gibson's is one of Concord's jewels.)

And here's a preview of coming blogs posts: One of the great things about writing a book about real people in the Civil War is that you almost always begin to find out more about them (and others) right after the book is published. That has happened to me several times already, and in coming days I'll share some of these finds.

They include:

-- A photograph of the alluring Julia E. Jones of East Washington, New Hampshire, who had several suitors in the book before she settled on Colonel Samuel Duncan.

-- A letter mentioning the burial of Edward E. Sturtevant, New Hampshire's first Civil War volunteer, at Fredericksburg.

Stay tuned!

And if you have pertinent information about characters or stories in Our War, please don't hesitate to share it. Thanks.


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