Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sycamores, shadows and tall buildings

Sycamores and shadows, Feb. 20, 2016.
One great thing about not-quite-spring in Riverside Park is that with the trees still leafless you can see the buildings up above. In all seasons but winter their motley facades hide behind the trees. They are gifts from architects and designers of another age.

The trees themselves are monuments. Since we lived in New Hampshire for 36 years, my wife Monique and I are accustomed mainly to birches and maples. Pardon the malaprop, but sycamores have grown on us.

Here are some pictures we took this afternoon. Don't miss the one at the bottom!

Up the bank from the Hudson.

Tall trees in the park, tall buildings on Riverside Drive.

Sycamore bark

Riverside Church, where Martin Luther King spoke several times.

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