Friday, April 5, 2013

The A list

This blog is about four months old, and I’m still trying to gauge what readers like. Fortunately I have a guide.

On my dashboard (I think that’s the term for the page on which I prepare new posts and moderate comments), there is a running readership count. There I can see the number of readers who view each page and where, by country, the traffic originates. (Not sure who’s clicking on the blog from China and Russia, but I do like to see Egypt, France, Germany and Belgium turn light green on the world map when friends and relatives check it out.)

On the basis of my newspaper experience, I’m not surprised that the most popular posts are personal, topical and opinionated. The most-read post is about a high school classmate who died recently, and the third on the list is about my musical friend Al Hutchison. No. 2 is my historian friend Michael Birkner’s look at why the Lincoln Republicans morphed into the Obama Democrats.

Here is the top ten list as it stands today (in the spirit of the college football polls, I’m adding a couple of close calls):

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