Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Faces from the Fighting Fifth, one more time

Capt, Frank Butler of Bennington was a favorite of Col.
Cross. He served in the Signal Corps and on the staff of
Gen. William F. Baldy Smith. Our War tells his story
through his letters.
Here is the final installment (for now) of Fifth New Hampshire photographs. Thanks again to Dave Morin, an original member of the Fifth New Hampshire re-enactors, for supplying these:

Surgeon William Child of Bath.
Lt. Daniel K. Cross of Hanover helped the badly
wounded Col. Cross (no relation) off the field
at Fredericksburg.
Lt. Charles O. Ballou of Company G, the
Fifth's Claremont company, was killed at

Capt. James B. Perry of Lebanon died at Fredericksburg.

Augustus D. Sanborn joined the
Fifth as an 18-year-old corporal
from Franklin in 1861 and quickly
moved up the ranks.

Ira McL. Barton, a captain from Newport, quarreled with Col. Cross
and left the regiment in 1862. He later served in an artillery regiment.

Twice wounded, Col Cross's
brother Richard rose to lieutenant
colonel but was cashiered
in August 1864.
Samuel R. Leighton of Dover joined
the Fifth in 1862, rose to corporal
 and served till war's end.

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